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I believe that when we invest in ourselves, when we care and love and nurture our bodies the way we nurture the people we love most, we begin to love ourselves.

And that, that act of love, that investment of kindness and forgiveness, is the beginning of a personal revolution.

Yoga is a way to express that. It’s a way to invest and love and appreciate yourself. It’s a way to get to know yourself. It’s a way to become a better version of yourself.


Everyone needs to be loved. And we love others more wholly, more deeply, and with more generosity, when we also give that same volume of love to ourselves.


Hi! I’m Julie – an avid memory keeper and yoga teacher committed to helping women love their bodies AND their stories.



After an incredible amount of personal resistance, I tried yoga for the first time in 2006 and I have been practicing it, in some form, ever since. Yoga has helped me heal my body from unexplained illness. It has helped me to grow and change as a person. It has helped me to love my body. And this current style of yoga that I teach has helped me repair diastasis recti and grow an inch.

My local yoga business, based in Acton, Massachusetts, is Power Yoga with Julie. There, I teach moms how to get their body lean, toned, and gorgeous, all while enjoying the luscious splendor which is an awesome, and incredibly relaxing, yoga class.

Yes, friend, it’s possible. Take my word for it. It’s all about the fascia.

Local Yoga Classes

Yoga Online | Renegade Power Yoga

And because I’m so passionate about this message, about this change in myself, about the amazing transformation that came from repairing my body, I decided to bring my business online so that I can share this change with women everywhere.

But that starts with showing up.

YouTube Channel

On Renegade Power Yoga’s YouTube Channel, you’ll get short practices, instructions, and more insight from me and how I approach my practice.

And that’s a great place to start. But there’s SO MUCH MORE that can be done when you invest in yourself and when you take the time to grow your practice.

In my online courses, I teach you everything you need to have an amazing home yoga practice that works for you and your schedule and fits into YOUR LIFE.

Online Yoga Courses

Because you can’t get the benefits of yoga without doing the yoga.


Memory Keeping

I’m also incredibly passionate about documenting life and using photos and stories and creative expression to go deeper into oneself. To love oneself.

You can learn more about how to incorporate that into your life at Little Paper Projects: a course website + community committed to self-love through memory keeping. At LPP, we believe that learning to tell your story is an amazingly powerful way to learn to love your story.

Little Paper Projects

For all the fun, follow me on Instagram @renegadepoweryoga, on Pinterest, and here on this blog.

As always, thank you SO much for following along in this journey we call life.