Enjoy the outdoors!


Get up and get outdoors!

We went for a hike this morning and it made me feel like an entirely new, refreshed, energized human being. We had an awesome AWESOME week, but days of dreary, cold, wet weather mixed with some good ol’ fashioned self-induced stress, and topped with an amazing 13-hour party is enough to run anyone down. And I’m exhausted. When the boys get overextended like this, I’m usually quick to identify their stress and help them self-regulate so they can get back to being themselves (just like the snickers commercials). This is why I call for “quiet time” – which basically means keep to yourself, watch a show, read a book, listen to music, quietly, by yourself. And within a half hour, they’re usually re-energized and thankful for the break. But me? Well, it’s harder to self-assess when you’re busy care-giving and party planning and having lots of fun. So I woke up this morning tired, offline, drained. After food and coffee and a half hour of Bee Movie on cable, we were all ready to get up and get out. And that’s just what we did.

breathe in that fresh air

breathe in that fresh air


explore new spaces


observe nature


and smile!

As we settled into the car for a short ride home, Max turned to me and said “mommy – MORE TREES!” And we promised to go hiking again soon. There are a lot of beautiful things on this earth. Autumn in New England, with family, is surely one of them.   XOXO, Julie