Follow Up: I accomplished SOMETHING!

Today marked the first day in two weeks that I got myself ready for the day before 9am! As a follow up to my previous post (Read: I Hardly Finish Anything), I thought I would share the secrets to my success which can be applied to anyone, not just sleep-deprived new moms.

1. Use the in-between times to plan your priorities. I like to plan while I’m in the shower, while baby is eating, while I do things around thehouse. For me now, my priorities are – take care of oneself, keep things in order, complete obligations, and keep time for fun. In the past few weeks fun stuff came first and I ignored the things I didn’t want to do.

beautiful, organized space makes ‘to do’ lists more fun!

2. Keep your goals small and accomplishable, know that if you do a little today and a little tomorrow, it will eventually get done.

3. Organize your physical space. I had a growing stack of things I had to do. And after several failed attempts, I realized I needed to get rid of the pile and keep all of the little tasks in one place. Now when I have five minutes, I pick one up, take care of it, and move on with my day.

4. Stay focused on your goals. There is a time and place for checking email and social media. If you have the time, go for it! But if you are trying to take care of something, cut out the distractions and keep your sights on what needs to be done. You can always save time later in the day for this as well.

5. Manage needs versus wants. I’m a firm believer in dividing time for both. So, each day gets divided so that I have at least a few minutes of down time. It motivates me to finish my obligations quickly and it’s good for the soul.

6. Take time off. This weekend I took advantage of a mutually beneficial opportunity. My in-laws wanted to see baby and I was due for some time without him. So when they came to visit, I got baby settled, packed up my yoga mat, and headed for my first class since he was born. Not only was I refreshed, but the grandparents were able to have some quality time with their grandson, and everyone came away happy.

And, with that, I’m moving on to my next priority of the day!