Sunday Yoga Love: Goals and Resolutions

This was originally posted on January 1, 2012 to document my 30 days of hot yoga. I was recently inspired to be more self-reflective after an entire season of illness (read more here and here). Doctor’s orders were simple: start taking care of yourself (again) or you’ll need surgery. Well, that’s all I needed to propel me into living a healthier, more personally sustainable life amidst balancing a busy career, volunteering, and a small baby.

Join me here, on Sundays, where I re-blog reflections from 30 days of hot yoga and hopefully inspire you to embrace change positively with passion and find opportunities for personal growth wherever you can find it.

With my first session coming up, I have a few (very small) goals that I have set for myself so far:

  1. Build up the nerve to buy the monthly pass.
  2. Attend enough sessions to honestly say that I tried.
  3. Work through every session without judging myself or my performance and without comparing myself to others.
  4. Follow through on #3, even if that means that I spend the entire time in child’s pose, sweating profusely, and wishing I chose another way to celebrate turning 30 (like travel to a tropical destination or spend a weekend at a spa!).
  5. Work towards personal and, to use a yogi term, spiritual growth through development of my practice.
  6. Physically challenge myself in a way I would never experience outside of this kind of activity.

At this point, I already feel like I have achieved my mission. I’m leaving the house, yoga mat in hand, on a cold winter day, and operating on only a few hours of sleep thanks to the festivities from New Year’s Eve. I have a slight hangover, mild dehydration, and an icky feeling in my stomach. And yet I’m doggedly committed to at least attending one session while everyone else in my apartment (a handful of friends stayed over last night) sleeps off our hardy celebration in anticipation of a grand brunch.

I can honestly say that today, or at least right now, my main resolution is to keep the promise I made to myself to TRY… and perhaps prove my friends wrong (votes were about 70/30 for me NOT making it to class today). Cheers and happy new year!!