How I Found my First Job Teaching Yoga

Gosh, friends, SO so much excitement around here. Starting with my BIG big announcement: I’ll be teaching my FIRST yoga class at a local gym (just 3 minutes from my house!). I’m SO excited. And in the next few days I’ll start to share my teaching website and resources, just so you can see what all the excitement is about.

And what a journey!

You probably don’t know this, but there can be a surprising amount of ego in the yoga world. I don’t know why I’m surprised – I mean, it happens in every industry, why should yoga be different? Still. It was a surprise.

If you haven’t read it yet, read my post:  The Ego Issue (in Yoga): A Surprising but True Story About the Time I was Yelled at by a Yoga Teacher

The Journey

After I finished yoga teacher training in August, I had a couple weeks of wild adventuring with the boys before the start of the school year and the start of new routines. I’ll tell you: that is always the most exhausting time of the year for me. The boys (still) require constant attention to keep them occupied and on-task… which is just another reason why I meditate (learn how to start here).

Through the second half of August, we went on a different adventure every day. It felt good to be finished with training and have a break before I started looking for teaching gigs.

This was the perfect time, with a busy schedule, to develop my home practice. And I did. Doing yoga every day – even for just 15 minutes – gave me a chance to develop my own approach to practice. This was something I knew I needed if I wanted to be a teacher, but – until that week – seemed impossible.


About a week before the kids’ school year started, it was time for me to look into places to teach, visit the studios, meet a bunch of teachers, and see if I could find a place that would be a good fit for for me.

I found my top choices, approached them, and visited their classes. I met SO so many teachers – and I’ll tell you, that was the most valuable part of this search. I was given a lot of wonderful advice about teaching, how to approach it, and where to begin. It also gave me a more realistic picture of what to expect in terms of pricing and expectations. And that was another invaluable piece of the process.

You have to meet a lot of frogs..

I also took WAY too many bad yoga classes. And when I say “bad”, I don’t mean that in a harmful or judgmental way. It’s more like – when you develop a style and preferences for your practice, you want to practice that way. But when you go to other teacher’s classes, their style is likely very different, and you can’t really have the practice that you would have if you were alone.

Still, at near the end of this process I had two experiences that really shook me. The first was The Ego Issue (in Yoga): A Surprising but True Story About the Time I was Yelled at by a Yoga Teacher. The second I’ll blog about soon. And they pushed me to start thinking about my approach to teaching in a new way.

How I found my first job teaching yoga

On Finding the Right Fit

And that’s when I met my friends at a local gym, got connected with a whole new (and way better) teaching gig, run exactly the way I wanted it, and in a place just minutes from my house.

It’s not the fanciest gym in town, it’s not the most premier studio, but it’s – hands down – the best deal around. The pricing is better. The owner is perfect. And the situation couldn’t be more ideal. Friends, it’s exactly what I’m looking for.. and it feels so good to be here.

Thoughts on Visioning Your Dreams

I’m sure you’ve heard people say this before, but there really is something to the power of intention. Just putting the thought in your mind, truly meaning it in your soul, has immense power. Whatever your belief system is – be it prayer, or meditation, or the power of intention – thoughts have a way of manifesting themselves in your life. If you believe it. And you work on it, It can happen for you.

Believe in yourself, friends, and see where it takes you.





How I found my first job teaching yoga

Julie Love Gagen

After unexplained illness, with no diagnosis, forced me to take medical leave of absence in college, I chose yoga as a path towards healing. For me, it was a gentle way for me to get back into my body. And the experience, and practice, gave me the confidence I needed to believe I could heal. It worked. And it’s been magic ever since. In 2012, I chose to do a personal wellness challenge – 30 days of Hot Power Yoga – in celebration of my 30th birthday. The studio I picked was Baptiste Yoga in Cambridge, Massachusetts. The studio which, just a few years later, would be the inspiration and the setting for my RYT 200-hr Yoga Teacher training. The style of yoga I teach is a little different from what you’ve seen before. In my class, we focus on strengthening your core, elongating your spine, and finding the ideal position for each body, regardless of what it looks like.