Join me in a 15-Day CORE Workout Challenge (Just one minute a day!)

If you follow my yoga pages on Facebook or Instagram, by now you’ve seen my BIG big announcement that I’m offering a big FREE challenge to kick our butts and fight off the holiday cookie binge (which I’m thoroughly enjoying, btw!).


It’s called the #15in15COREchallenge. And it’s daily ONE-minute core-focused videos that give you plenty of demonstration, alignment cues, and a little extra push for your daily fitness workout.

And you’re doing it WITH ME.


I hope you are too. 🙂

Join me in a CORE-focused fitness challenge. One minute videos EVERY day for the next 15 days. Let's do this! #15in15COREChallenge

How to Participate

The best way to participate LIVE is to follow my Facebook page and check back every morning for the newest move.

Power Yoga with Julie on Facebook   

The next best place is Instagram @renegadepoweryoga. There you’ll see my favorite inspirational quotes, best snacks + meals, and the super sped up version of my daily workout.

Renegade Power Yoga on Instagram   

Join me in a CORE-focused fitness challenge. One minute videos EVERY day for the next 15 days. Let's do this! #15in15COREChallenge

But if you miss this whole thing, and you want to see all the videos in one place – I’ve got you covered! You can also catch the videos on my YouTube Channel.

Julie on YouTube   

See?? SO so many places to check it out. That makes this a NO EXCUSES challenge. Make it happen, ladies! Work out with me. Enjoy your holiday guilt-free with me.









Julie Love Gagen

After unexplained illness, with no diagnosis, forced me to take medical leave of absence in college, I chose yoga as a path towards healing. For me, it was a gentle way for me to get back into my body. And the experience, and practice, gave me the confidence I needed to believe I could heal. It worked. And it’s been magic ever since. In 2012, I chose to do a personal wellness challenge – 30 days of Hot Power Yoga – in celebration of my 30th birthday. The studio I picked was Baptiste Yoga in Cambridge, Massachusetts. The studio which, just a few years later, would be the inspiration and the setting for my RYT 200-hr Yoga Teacher training. The style of yoga I teach is a little different from what you’ve seen before. In my class, we focus on strengthening your core, elongating your spine, and finding the ideal position for each body, regardless of what it looks like.