Need a Friend? Take a Look in the Mirror

Sometimes my favorite bits of advice come from watching my 6 month old discover the world. Today, I have been thinking a lot about self-love and why it’s so important to be good to yourself.

Take a Look in the Mirror

Take a Look in the Mirror: Give Yourself some Love

Last week I ended up in the hospital for dehydration for the second time in 3 months. I had never been to the hospital, apart from broken bones and giving birth, before January. And, after this second scare, I decided it was time to reevaluate my priorities.

Whether your a parent, a dedicated employee, friend, or volunteer, or just someone who finds themselves filled with personal commitments that come before your own needs, make sure you take the time to pause every once in a while and ask yourself – WHY am I doing this again?

Chances are your answer has something to do with self-fulfillment, just as it does for me. But over time, those commitments can get in the way of self-care to the point where we sacrifice our bodies to unhealthy eating habits and our minds to distraction. So when life gets busy – it happens to all of us – we end up stretched too thin, exhausted from our bad habits, and emotionally drained from the stress you may not have even known you had.

Healthy, Happy People are My Favorite: Be one of those!

Healthy, Happy People are My Favorite: Be one of those!

I’m sure you have heard the warnings of how much stress can affect your body and mind. And I’m here to tell you that it’s no joke. Stress can KILL you. And if it doesn’t, it can bring you into the emergency room, take you down for weeks, and possibly result in surgery. My doctor put it best “if you don’t start taking care of yourself and get healthy, you should know that people get surgery for things like this.” OK. That’s all I needed to know. It’s time to get healthy, and I hope you’ll join me on my journey.

You see, no matter how fulfilling it is to completely give yourself over to a sick baby, a parent in need of support, professional commitments, friends, social obligations, and even big life changes, if you don’t take the time to take care of your own basic needs – good diet, exercise, sleep, rest – you can wear down your body to the point of developing actual health problems.

Do yourself a favor: steal a few moments today to get back in touch with yourself. Check in. Is there anything YOU need? When is the last time you gave yourself a healthy meal, took a walk, picked up your favorite hobby, or went to the gym? If you’re having trouble answering that question, it may be time to re-prioritize, skip out on drinks after work or movie night, and take some time to make healthy choices for you. Because if you’re not taking care of you, you can’t be all that you can be for those that rely on you.

We all benefit from happy, healthy people. Be one of those people today.

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  1. Great reminders! I also had a (less serious) reminder not too long ago that I need to take time to take care of myself amid my busy schedule. Our minds and our bodies are like anything else – when we take care of them, they work better, longer!

  2. You just described “ahimsa” … do unto others as you want done on to you. AKA non harming
    Just read about that principle the other day. Lovely post. 🙂

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