New Happy Healthy Hammies Video Series Now on YouTube!

Hi Friends!

So this is SUPER exciting! And you can thank everyone in my Yoga for YOUR Life Course for what I’m sharing today, because they totally inspired me to reframe how I approached teaching this course and, last minute (literally at 2am the night/day of course launch), I decided to completely change the way we started the course and add in some really fun things.

You can learn all about that – the how and why – in this video on my NEW Renegade Power Yoga YouTube Channel!

(By the way, I am in love with the phrase “my YouTube Channel” .. it’s been SO so long in the making, friends!).

Also, I apologize for the massive belly that is only in Week 25. Seriously. I have 15 more weeks to go. And my belly is SO BIG.


So the series is inspired by an Instagram challenge being run through a variety of hosts (@RobinMartinYoga @PocketDwarf @Seonia) and sponsored by Dharma Bums Active. And while I’m not going to write everything that I said on the video, I’ll give you the quick version of where this is coming from, why I’m doing it, and why I think it’s SO so important to teach this way.

Yoga challenges are very common on Instagram. They’re a great way to connect people who do yoga. If you want to participate, it’s honestly as easy as doing the poses, following the hashtag (#happyhealthyhammies), and maybe sharing pictures of you in each of the poses.

I LOVE the idea of socially connecting around something you love.

I HATE how showy and over-complicated some of these challenge poses are.

Especially because they’re fully UNattainable for MOST of the people that do yoga. Honestly, splits shouldn’t be considered a “norm” and a standing one-legged balance with a toe grab is highly unnecessary. Sure, it gets you into your hamstrings (which is the goal of the challenge), but how many people can legitimately move into that pose without injuring themselves?


I’m a big fan of yoga for the people. And that’s why I want to teach this series.

So I created a series of 4 videos (plus an introduction) designed to help you open up your hamstrings, get comfortable with the base version of some really advanced balances and inversions that also happen to open up your hamstrings, and – truly – to help you get into your body, and into your fasica, in a seriously relaxing and engaged way.

Each flow includes a portion of the 12 poses, all of which I discuss at the beginning of each practice. The poses are modified, in part, to suit the alignments that I teach. And modified, in part, to suit real people, with real bodies, attempting poses possibly for the first time.

It’s truly accessible to most people (barring any injuries, obviously consult your doctor before starting the series). And it’s going to be SUPER relaxing, really enjoyable, and totally worth the few minutes each day for the practice.

And the best part?

Out of the three sequences I came up with, each of them is PERFECTLY designed to fit into a different part of your day. Sequence A is your morning sequence, B for the afternoon, and C for bedtime. It’s perfect on so many levels that I honestly cannot wait.

How fun is that?!

How to Follow this Happy Healthy Hammies Series

So you’re excited. Awesome! Me too. Here’s how you can follow along.

Option 1 | Join my Yoga for YOUR Life Course, which will have the full version of each practice PLUS some bonus materials and teaching guidelines that truly TRULY will send you so happily singing in your hamstrings, you’ll smile all day.

Option 2 | Follow the FREE version on YouTube, on my Renegade Power Yoga channel, under the Happy Healthy Hammies Playlist.

Option 3 | Ignore all of my videos and just participate in the Instagram hashtag #HappyHealthyHammies, which runs from June 1 – June 12, 2016.

How it Works

So far, I have two of the five videos posted, and by the time you read this, more will be up. So keep following along on YouTube, check out my posts and updates on Instagram @RenegadePowerYoga, and try it out at home.

You can also take a look at all the poses in the challenge and make your own attempts at each of them.

Happy Healthy Hammies YouTube series of Yoga Vinyasa flows to help you open up your hamstrings


In summary, if you want something that both nurtures your body and opens you up for the day, this is a GREAT series for you. So take a few minutes to try the first practice and I look forward to seeing you on your mat soon!




Julie Love Gagen

After unexplained illness, with no diagnosis, forced me to take medical leave of absence in college, I chose yoga as a path towards healing. For me, it was a gentle way for me to get back into my body. And the experience, and practice, gave me the confidence I needed to believe I could heal. It worked. And it’s been magic ever since. In 2012, I chose to do a personal wellness challenge – 30 days of Hot Power Yoga – in celebration of my 30th birthday. The studio I picked was Baptiste Yoga in Cambridge, Massachusetts. The studio which, just a few years later, would be the inspiration and the setting for my RYT 200-hr Yoga Teacher training. The style of yoga I teach is a little different from what you’ve seen before. In my class, we focus on strengthening your core, elongating your spine, and finding the ideal position for each body, regardless of what it looks like.