On Finding Yoga Again

Do you have an activity – a favorite thing – that you love to do, but never seem to make the time for? I do. And every time I start taking weekly classes again I think – “why don’t I do this more?”

Yoga: the favorite pastime that I never make time for.

Back in January I decided to try out some local yoga studios as part of my #GetFit2015 challenge. One of the studios offered an open house in the first week of January – free 30 minute sessions of their most popular classes. It was progressive – so the first class was gentle yoga, then all levels, then intermediate, then power yoga.

I missed the first two classes because they filled quickly. And I couldn’t be happier about it. Because missing those classes gave me the chance to try the classes I really wanted: the hot power yoga and intermediate classes.

Friends, I can’t fully explain the experience that I had in the studio that day. It was as if I rediscovered a lost love I didn’t realize I had. It woke me up. It made me feel alive. And I couldn’t get enough.

In the months that have followed, I’ve slowly increased my practice. I attend class regularly friends, and, in between, I usually do some version of flow at home or the gym. Each time I hit the mat, I’m increasing my flexibility. I’m gaining strength. I’m working with my breath. I’m moving my body. And I’m loving it.

On Finding Yoga Again | How I Sustain Blog



And now, I’m considering making this a thing that I do. I’m not sure what that looks like – maybe a daily yoga challenge, maybe a personal challenge to do arm balances, maybe just a personal commitment to practice regularly.

Maybe more.

But I can say one thing for sure – I’m not going to give up on this practice again. I’m not letting go of this thing that I love, that is good for me, and that gives me so much in return. I need it. My body needs it. And my soul needs it.


Do you have a favorite thing that you never do? What would it take for you to start again?




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  1. Very inspiring – and isn’t it easier to keep going with something that makes you feel more alive? Me? I’d have to say ‘dance’. Long story: a great chlldhood love, a deep betrayal and sadness in teenagehood, and an emotional-pain avoidance thing in adulthood. But one day, I started again. Just five minutes. And now I start every day with it :).

    • That’s amazing, Alexa!! I have an absolute love for stories like yours. Would you be interested in expanding it into a blog post and sending a picture or two so I can feature it here?

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