Hot Yoga Session 7: Future-thinking

This was originally posted in January 2012 to document my 30 days of hot yoga. I was recently inspired to be more self-reflective after a terrible flu season which sent me to the ER twice. Doctor’s orders were simple: start taking care of yourself (again) or you’ll need surgery. Well, that’s all I needed to propel me into living a healthier, more personally sustainable life amidst balancing a busy career, volunteering, and figuring things out with our new baby.

Join me here, on Sundays, where I re-blog reflections from 30 days of hot yoga and hopefully inspire you to embrace change positively with passion and find opportunities for personal growth wherever you can find it.

Tonight I had an incredible class. And rather than ranting about how great it was, I wanted to share this story that I came across in researching yoga, the culture, and the theory

This is a photo of Sadie, a Yoga Flash Mob instigator!

behind Bikram because it completely resonated with where I am today and where I will be tomorrow.. when I’m 30.

Without quoting the entire article {which you can read here}, a yoga teacher in NYC wanted to celebrate her 40th birthday in style. She asked that 40+ women of all shapes and sizes gather and ‘strip down to their “boy shorts and tops” to show the world that 40 can be fabulous.’ The video is poorly narrated by an adolescent boy, but the hotness of the 40+ women still shines through.

It starts off a little slow, and you honestly think there is something seriously strange about the woman doing yoga in the middle of the street (but then again, it’s NYC.. expect the unexpected), but if you fast forward a couple minutes in, you can see the hotness of these yogis. I have to say, despite the cheap video, it’s definitely inspirational to see half-naked 40+ women doing asanas in public.

Here is a better done video with a diverted story. Their mob was cancelled by the MTA police.. so yoginis (yoga practitioners) took to the streets and did crazy poses. It’s pretty cool. Yoga in random places video.

So there you go, two yoga flash mob videos for your viewing pleasure. Here’s to the last day of my 20’s and the beginning of a new decade {which I can say with a certain level of confidence that, in part thanks to this experience, I’m not afraid to take on}!  FLASH MOB!