Sunday Yoga Love: Revisiting 30 and Looking Ahead

In January 2012 I turned 30. In the weeks leading up to my 30th birthday I Googled  the heck out of personal blogs, articles, and websites to hear what others did to celebrate/deal with/appropriately acknowledge this major milestone in their lives. I was surprised in the lack of resources (disappointing!), but the gap got me thinking about what it meant to me.

I’ll be honest, 30 scared me. I know, it’s lame. And after you turn 30, if you take a moment to gain perspective on who you are today versus who you were 5-10 years ago, most of us realize that being 30 is actually really, really great. But you have to choose to see it that way. And I decided that I would see it that way.. even if it took some convincing.

So to celebrate turning 30, I decided to do something that I loved. Something that I knew would be great for my body and soul. That would make me proud of all that I had accomplished, and allow me the space and time to have some self-reflection and to really get to know who I am now. Something that made me stronger, more energized. Something hard, but that I knew I could do. I decided to do 30 Days of Hot Yoga.

It was hard. Really hard. It took a lot of time and dedication. And I sacrificed a lot to make it happen. But the transformation was incredible (in more ways than you know!) and what I learned about myself, body and soul, is worth mentioning (again).

With my recent decision to get my body back (more on that to come), I can’t help but think back to that time. And with spring being such a transformative season, I thought it was appropriate to re-blog those posts (from another site), and build off of it with what I know now. Welcome, Sunday Yoga Love. We missed you. And with weather still unreliably chilly, it’s nice to have some extra inspiration to do more for you – both body and soul.

Life: it's regenerating, get out and start something new

Life: it’s regenerating, get out and start something new!

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